About Us

We connect millions of buyers and sellers around the world, empowering people & creating economic opportunity for all.


 We have a vision for hundreds of years to come. A vision that enhances your capability to believe yourself and empowers others. Like here in 301ave.com, we empower YOU. We are YOU. 

 We want to connect every person who is passionate enough to sell and all those people who feel a need to buy. We have principles to work, that motivate us all day, which are surrounded by YOU, that YOU need to get the best experience possible. 

 Our vision includes a future, to make a platform, where all the young entrepreneurs who seek for knowledge, experience, and learning connect together. Where entrepreneurs like you who crave innovation work together to make a good future for the next generation. 


Our Company


 We, as a company, believe in connecting the world with each other. Connecting buyers and sellers and build ambitions and big opportunities for people. Our team is 24/7 working to give you the best experience that you deserve.

To give you best experience, we have added policies that favor you, which includes: 

  • Top-quality products

 We prefer quality over quantity because the quality is something a customer deserves.

  • Best customer service

 We are always looking forward to your feedback, queries, and suggestions to make our website a better marketplace for you. 


For our customers

 Usually, what many of the websites does is, they are not open to everyone. You can either buy, or sell, or you have to buy some premium subscription that would allow you access to different deals and offers, which would then be only accessible to you. But we believe inequality, we are open for everyone. Everyone who has ambitions, goals, desire, need, and seeks for opportunities is our customer. Men, women, kids, fitness freak, electronics lover, etc. can have their needs fulfilled by our platform. 


Economic goals

 As we all know, the economies of the world are falling down and down. People are hopeless because of unemployment issues. We all need to sit down on a table and decide what actions could be taken. In this modern era of selfishness, we think we have a responsibility to fulfill. A responsibility to increase employment and make a better world. 

 We offer the best possible deals for the sellers. The only motive to do this is to motivate and encourage people to sell their products on our marketplace and get more and more benefits. 

 Basically, here at 301ave.com, We empower people and generate opportunities economically. 


Empowering women

 We believe in women’s empowerment. Women all around the world face difficult situations in workplaces; they get fewer wages compared to their male co-workers. But we encourage and empower women, and make sure they are treated equally. Women are more and more encouraged to work with us.

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Industry leaders and influencers recognize 301ave.com as one of the most trust worthy online marketplace in the U.S., ranking high for both customer and employee satisfaction.

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